QBID Services

QBID is a Brand Representation Service

• QBID handles marketing translations, logistics, warehousing, trade regulation, eComerce platform marketing and cross-border pricing to provide you with a comprehensive international expansion strategy.

• We provide tailored guidance to help you navigate your selected international markets and connect you to the relevant legal and regulatory services.

• On top of our B2C eCommerce channels, QBID also provides cross-border B2B distribution solutions for internationally registered import products

We Build Your Brand in China

 • QBID facilitate a range of comprehensive multi-platform eCommerce solutions across many major platforms and eRetailers in China. We offer traditional B2B distribution for registered imported products in China

• We provide tailored solutions to help you navigate China’s diversely different marketing landscapes (digital and physical), 

Access China’s eCommerce Opportunities

• QBID can effectively get you trading across dozens of China’s largest and fastest growing eCommerce platforms

• We can help you build your very own flagship stores on Tmall Global and JD Worldwide, or list your brand within our QBID department store. We take care of all your designs, translations, logistics, customer service, promotions etc.

Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

• To help overcome counterfeiting issues and promote brand security for your products, QBID has established a strategic alliance with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to utilise their Global Product Authentication Service (GPAS) technology.

• The HPE GPAS system provides a unique information dense QR code combined with unique guilloche fingerprint – for every single SKU of your product.

Build Your Brand in India

• QBID can effectively build your brand and get you trading online in India with our very own eCommerce platform

• We can also launch your products on a number of India’s fast-growing online platforms while accessing over 50 million eCommerce customers

• QBID provides tailored solutions to help you navigate India’s digital marketing landscapes, whilst simultaneously catering to your logistics, regulatory and legal IP needs

• We also offer traditional B2B and B2C distribution and product commercialisation services in India.