Founded in 2004, ecommerce platform has grown at an amazing pace over its first 12 years of operation, and is now the largest e-seller in China. By 2014, the company saw sales of $41.9billion US dollars through its platform, and was the third largest internet company in the world by revenue after Amazon and Google. accounted for more than 56.3% of the direct sales ecommerce market in China during the first quarter of 2015. In a market where counterfeits and poor quality products have eroded the trust of consumers, has built a reputation for authenticity, product safety and reliability. JD’s core values and belief that consumers will pay for quality have made a trusted name in China.

To meet the growing demands among Chinese consumers for international goods, which are often associated with quality and safety: has rapidly grown its range of imported goods. In April 2015, the year after listed on the NASDAQ, it launched JD Worldwide: which connects international brands with Chinese consumers. JD leverages China’s free trade zest to reduce red tape.

JD Worldwide offers Chinese consumers easy and reliable access to high quality products from around the world, and provides global suppliers and sellers a range of solutions to cross-border logistics, tailored plans to market for Chinese consumers and last mile logistics.

Leveraging’s reputation as the most trusted ecommerce player in China, more and more brands are joining to reach Chinese consumers. is increasingly the go-to choice for international brands looking for a full service solution to reach China’s upwardly mobile shoppers.’s zero-tolerance policy for counterfeits and our same day self-operated delivery network that we launched over 5 years ago sets the gold standard for ecommerce excellence. JD offers brands both the direct sales model (where they source and sell goods) and the marketplace model: to ensure that we have a solution that suits each companies needs.

JD helps their brands to leverage their 100+ million active online shoppers and their nationwide logistics network: to provide quick, easy and cost-effective access to the Chinese market for international brands. provides international producers and sellers a truly one-stop solution for all their ecommerce needs in China. JD are full partners with the brands on their website, and are invested in their success. guarantees seamless, high quality service throughout the sales lifecycle: from the moment the product leaves the warehouse or factory to the moment it arrives in the customers hands.

JD Worldwide has already set up online country malls that showcase products from France, Korea, and Japan. Beginning at the start of 2015, began developing a major business initiative for the Australian market: which aims to connect the producers and sellers of high-quality Australian products with the hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers shopping on’s ecommerce platform.

China has the largest eCommerce market in the world. But for international brands, it’s not enough to simply be online in China. You need to have a partner that shares your values, and will invest in making your brand succeed. JD Worldwide will work to make Australian brands succeed in tapping into the potential of Chinese eCommerce markets.