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  • September 2016 Summary

    September 2016 Summary

    Several months ago, QBID represented at least a dozen brands at the China International Beauty Exposition (CIBE), launched our Guangzhou offices, and introduced several of our major brands to our connections at JD.COM and VIP Shop.

  • Tour of the QBID on

    Tour of the QBID on

    For non-Chinese speakers, JD can be a difficult platform to navigate.

    Take a brief tour of the way in which QBID’s clients are represented in our online store.

    The following virtual tour also demonstrates navigation from the local Chinese

  • Video Infographic 2015 Video Infographic 2015

    Founded in 2004, ecommerce platform has grown at an amazing pace over its first 12 years of operation, and is now the largest e-seller in China. By 2014, the company saw sales of $41.9billion

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